SAN ANGELO, Texas (ConchoValleyHomepage) — The City of San Angelo has released the July 2023 health inspection scores for retail food establishments throughout the city. We’ve compiled a list of businesses that scored below a 90.

The City of San Angelo conducts inspections at food establishments on a route basis between two to four times a year depending on the business’s risk of the population served and the types of food it serves. The specific frequency is determined through a risk assessment that factors in the type of food, preparation methods, number of people served, number of employees handling food products and whether the population served is considered a highly-susceptible population.

The City also notes that food inspection scores are focused on food safety items that directly cause problems. As such, items that the public may see as undesirable, such as dirty floors and walls, that do not directly affect the safety of the food are disregarded.

With these criteria in mind, the following businesses were given a health inspection score lower than 90 for the month of July 2023:

  • Allsup’s Deli (514 N Main) – 74
  • Angry Cactus (1 W Concho) – 89
  • Bahama Bucks (5789 Sherwood) – 71
  • Gil’s Restaurant (837 Knickerbocker) – 88
  • Holiday Inn Express (461 Houston Harte) – 86
  • Jack & Jill Donuts (2901 Sherwood) – 83
  • Julio’s Burritos #1 (1911 S. Chadbourne) – 89
  • Long John Silver’s (3121 Sherwood) – 76
  • Mathis Field Café (8618 Terminal Circle) – 89
  • Panchita’s Tortilla Factory (2504 N. Chadbourne) – 86
  • Pho Cowboys (2001 W. Harris) – 71
  • Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory #3 (4235 Sherwood) – 89
  • Shogun Steakhouse & Sushi, Restaurant (4307 Sunset) – 88
  • The Doggfather, mobile (210 S. Chadbourne) – 83
  • What Da Pho (3315 Sherwood) – 76

Businesses that have not gone above 90 since June include: Allsup’s Deli, Angry Cactus, Holiday Inn Express, Jack & Jill Donuts, Long John Silver’s, Mathis Field Café, Panchita’s Tortilla Factory, Pho Cowboys, Rosa’s Café & Tortilla Factory #3, Shogun Steakhouse & Sushi, The Doggfather and What Da Pho

For more information about how the City of San Angelo conducts and scores health inspections or to see previous health inspection scores, visit the City’s retail food establishment inspections webpage.