TEXAS (KXAN) — It’s back-to-school season for school districts across Texas, and with that comes the dreaded return of school year traffic. With more students out walking and school buses on the road, here’s a reminder on what to do if you’re traveling behind a stopped school bus, per tips from the Buda Police Department.

School bus safety all comes down to how many lanes there are on a roadway. For two-lane traffic, vehicles in both directions must stop when a school bus stops.

Traffic can continue as normal once the bus’ stop sign retracts and the bus proceeds. It’s important to be mindful of students who were dropped off and might be walking near the roadway.

On multi-lane roadways with paved lines across, vehicles traveling in both directions are required to stop. As with a two-lane roadway, it is safe for other vehicular traffic to proceed once the school bus resumes traveling.

On a divided highway separated by unpaved space or a physical barrier, vehicles behind the stopped bus must also stop. Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed, but are advised to do so with caution.

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