When Red Ribbon Week hits close to home: Taylor Drozd’s story


Taylor Drozd is the CCP Coordinator for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council for the Concho Valley. For her, Red Ribbon Week takes on a more personal meaning.

“For Red Ribbon Week I think everyone just remembers dressing up at school and that’s kinda the big message that a lot of people remember.

For me, I really appreciate what RRW stands for and for what it does for the nation and communities in general. It brings awareness to the dangers of drug use.

I have a family member that nearly tore our family apart because he was dealing with a drug use disorder and I believe he still struggles with that but we don’t get to speak to him anymore unfortunately. So I like to see when communities are coming together to help prevent that from happening to someone else because it can tear people apart and ruin things and  the more prevention the better.

I’d tell people who are in my shoes they’ve got a family member, they’ve got a loved one, it’s never anything you’ve done. It’s never you that drove them to that. You didn’t give them any extra stress. You don’t make it any worse. You show them love and support the best way you can and past that they have to kinda find their way.

Watching my uncle get taken out on a stretcher to an ambulance is not something that I forget. I think that’s why I love what I do here so much because even in some way I’m helping someone get past that. So if you see stuff like that and they bother you, tell someone about it. Don’t continue that pattern. Talk to someone who can help you. Don’t bottle it up.”

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