SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Texas has been scorching under an unprecedented heat wave that doesn’t seem to want to leave. While the summer heat has been bearing down on the entire state, these 10 Texas cities were the hottest during the month of June.

This heat wave is not only surpassing calendar day records, but it has also rewritten the record books for all-time high temperatures in some places where weather observations have been made for over a century.

There has been an increase in heat-related illness and death across the state – in Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Amarillo, a 17-year-old boy died after suffering heat-related fatigue on a trail. In cities near the coast such as Houston and Corpus Christi, the heat index can get up to 125° due to higher levels of humidity, making the overbearing heat even more dangerous.

The cause of these historical temperatures is due to a ‘Heat Dome’ situated right over the state. Typically, a heat wave would run its course across the US, however, this one was trapped over the state by two low-pressure systems on either side, preventing cold air from moving into the region.

10. Lubbock

Lubbock began the month of June in the 70s but heated up quickly, reaching the 90s and triple-digit temperatures later in the month. Lubbock first broke triple digits on June 19 and stayed in the upper 90s and above for the rest of the month.

9. Kingsville

This city broke several daily records during the month of June, reaching a maximum temperature of 111° but the heat index reached a blistering 125° creating dangerous conditions.

8. El Paso

This city maintained triple-digit temperatures for 13 consecutive days, from June 16 through June 28.

7. McAllen

McAllen reached its highest temperature of the year on June 21 at 108° maintaining it for the majority of the week.

6. Midland

It’s not uncommon to hit 110° in this city during the summer and the city kept its triple-digit temperature for 14 consecutive days from June 15 until June 28.

5. Junction

Junction reported a new all-time maximun temperature record of 111° on June 16 (not included in the data), surpassing the maximum highs reached in 2022 and 2018.

4. Laredo

Laredo topped out at 115° on June 19 (not included in the below data), which tied their all-time record set in 1927, 1942, and 1985.

3. San Angelo

San Angelo tied their all-time record of 111° then beat it on June 21, reaching 114°. This city has been scorched under triple-digit temperatures for 15 consecutive days, starting on June 14 until June 29.

2. Del Rio

Del Rio, Texas, rose to 115° on June 21, topping their all-time record of 113° set that same week.

1. Rio Grande Village (Big Bend National Park)

I​t reached 119° on June 24 at Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park. That was not only the nation’s hottest temperature this year but was just below the state’s all-time record of 120° set in June 1994 and August 1936.

The list above was created using the maximum temperature data from Weather Underground between the dates of June 26 and June 21. The average temperature was used to arrange the cities in order. The full set of data can be seen in the table below:

Editors note: Some numbers below differ between observation points, as some cities have multiple.

Texas CitiesJune 26 Max Temp.June 25 Max Temp.June 24 Max Temp.June 23 Max Temp.June 22 Max Temp.June 21 Max Temp.Average Temperature
Rio Grande Village (Big Bend)111110119108107114111
Del Rio111110107108107115110
San Angelo110110109107107114110
El Paso108107105105106103106
Top 10 Hottest Texas Cities in June 2023; Max Temperature for each city per day and their Average Temperature