SAN ANGELO, Texas- Over 90 campers and their buddies get to load up on buses and head out to a ranch for a 3-day summer camp just southwest of San Angelo near twin buttes, this week.

“It’s a great opportunity,” said Camp Director Sarah Gonzalez. “These kids are always dying to come back year after year. It’s so much fun, we have the ponies, we have swimming, we have water activities,” she continued.

The camp is specially designed for the kiddos who go to occupational, physical, or speech therapy at the rehab center.

“All of our kids are patients so they have a specific diagnosis that brings them to West Texas Rehab, but out here their diagnosis does not define them. They are just here to have a good time and play, swim and do all the things that any kid should get to do at camp,” said Suzanne Click, the Marketing Director for West Texas Rehab Center.

We spoke to volunteer and President of ASU Ram Air Halli Hanna who says this experience is full circle.

“It’s great I use to go to West Texas Rehab when I was younger and I remember coming to these camps and them being so much fun. I really enjoyed it and it’s a great way for these kids to get out and have some fun during summer. It’s like a camp made for them,” said Hanna.

She spent the morning sharing her love for planes as she helped children create paper ones.

“We’re making paper airplanes and we also have some premade airplanes for the kids who maybe can’t make the airplanes with their motor skills. We also have a runway and target for them to aim at and throw through,” added Hanna.

Multiple activity stations wouldn’t be available without the community’s help. Staff says it simply wouldn’t be possible.

“We have food all three days that’s donated by local restaurants. We have activities and volunteers that donate their time and we wouldn’t be able to do this without them,” said Click.

San Angelo’s Barnhart family started the camp 44 years ago and today campers continue to enjoy their time in the sun.