SAN ANGELO, Texas- The West Texas Rehab Center hosts its annual telethon and auction in Abilene. They offer a wide range of services such as physical therapy, orthotics, prosthetics, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, and hospice care. The facility’s mission is to improve the quality of life to anybody in need of care regardless of financial circumstances so events like the annual telethon and auction help them continue to care for the community and maintain their mission.

The event will include entertainment and auction prizes all to raise money for the facility to continue its efforts using the best technology in the industry to give the best level of care.

Scott Jameson, COO of West Texas Rehab Center, says “and the thing about it is with events like this, our donors have allowed us to write a budget that says, no matter who walks in the door, we’re going to be okay. And donors allow us to say yes to every single person every single time, regardless of how many people come in without the ability to pay. The answer is just yes and that what nights like tonight are about.”

If you want to join the telethon and auction, visit