San Angelo, Texas — With so much change and uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in feelings of fear and anxiety, a trend Dusty McCoy of West Texas Counseling and Guidance doesn’t see going away while the crisis continues.

“We believe that we’re going to get busier and busier as the crisis continues,” said McCoy, “There is going to be angst and anxiety here throughout the community and almost everybody’s going to feel that but there’s a difference between good anxiety and bad anxiety. Good anxiety is something that we can do something about. Like, social distancing. You can make sure that you take precautions. But there’s some things that are outside of our control and that’s the anxiety that is not so helpful and so we want to ask ourselves ‘what is within my control right now?’ and to not become overwhelmed with anxiety right now.”

All good advice. But what about those of us who do become overwhelmed?
“Well, there’s help available, and there’s immediate help available,” said McCoy, “Just call 325-944-2561. The phones are open. There’s somebody there to answer the phone, always.”

West texas counseling is also doing their best to take precautions during the pandemic.

“All the counselors will see all their clients through the telehealth option starting Monday. We are going to leave one office open on Concho where people can come in when they’re in crisis and don’t have access to the internet. But, really, we’re trying to get almost everybody to be seen virtually.

There is help available and people just need to know that and realize that … To reach out and we can get you in. It likely wouldn’t be face-to-face but we’re still here.”

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