We’re becoming a country of hoarders


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HOUSTON (KIAH) Where’s the line between having a little too much stuff, being a pack rat and straight-up HOARDING?  It looking like a lot of Americans are blurring those lines right now.

Two-thirds of Americans say they have too much stuff, so much that they can’t easily fit it all inside their home. Online stress-shopping on Amazon last year didn’t help either.

Seven in 10 people asked say they have reorganized at least TWO rooms in their home during the pandemic, partly because we were stuck at home with nothing to do. Also because they needed space for stuff.

It’s also because people had to use those rooms differently, like for home office. A place to Zoom or a spot for the kids to do their schooling online.

The top rooms you might have attempted to reorganize last year were:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Home office

13% of folks also reorganized a child’s bedroom.  10% cleaned up the garage.  9% reorganized their closet.

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