Wells Fargo Stagecoach has New Home in San Angelo


Old Fort Concho has housed the Wells Fargo Stagecoach sine the year 2000 and now it will have a new home in the Wells Fargo lobby downtown, for more citizens to enjoy regularly. 

Sheila Alley the Wells Fargo Business Banking Manager, “so this coach a week and a half ago came off of its wheels and was completely dismantled brought back in and carefully put back together and so it will be here on display indefinitely.”

There are only ten original Wells Fargo Stagecoaches in the United States and here in San Angelo we have one of the 13 replicas. “But it is a true replica and so it’s the truest replica of that same kind of coach that went up the dusty trails many years ago” said Alley. 

Even though there are plenty of vehicles you can choose from today the stagecoach was considered the Cadillac of transportation in the 1860s. Karen Loehman the Branch Manager said “they would travel anywhere from 5 up to 12 miles per hour and so they could go from 70 to 120 miles in a days time.”

The stagecoach was used as a method of transportation for people and goods, “primarily carried mail, like i said mail, gold and silver bullion things of value, and then uh people, they could carry as many as 15 people” said Loehman.

Which can be hard to believe, and that is why it was moved into the lobby, for the community to come and see it up close and even sit in it to realize just what it was like to travel in the 1800s.

Alley stated “but that was the best way to travel back then, if you haven’t walked up to something like this and really get to touch it, its hard to envision that that’s the way they traveled and that was the best way to travel.”

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