EMOJI CHECK: Facebook and Instagram ban ”sexual” use of peach and eggplant emojis


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Battle of the emojis: Facebook and Instagram have waged a war sort of speak against sexually interpreted emojis, so think twice before dropping an eggplant, peach, or sweat drops on someone’s post.

Back in July, Facebook and Instagram updated the company’s Community Standards language regarding what type of sexual expression is allowed on the widely-used platforms. So now, the social media channels will remove posts containing what they describe as “commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings,” according to an updated section of the company’s Community Standards

But to be removed, the content must also “implicitly or indirectly (typically through providing a method of contact) offer or ask for nude imagery, or sex or sexual partners, or sex chat conversations,” Facebook’sFacebook’s Community Standards said. 

So if you’re a chef or you like to cook, and you post an emoji with your eggplant parmesan or peach pie recipes, you should be ok.

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