Weight gain is one of the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to San Angelo


These challenges could last a long time due to the increase in COVID-19 cases

SAN ANGELO, TX – Life in lockdown has disrupted all our lives, creating the perfect setup for putting on some pounds. Even today, with San Angelo residents working from home, the so-called “Quarantine 15” has taken its toll the past few months. 

“We have seen some of our patients gain weight,” Registered dietitian Tamara Hargett said. “We are in contact with the majority of our patients on a regular basis and keep a close contact. And so when the pandemic hit, we actually shifted over to telehealth.”

New challenges may be ahead for some people, but there’s also new ways to defeat those challenges. Advanced planning will be beneficial. 

“We shifted everything to eating at home and exercising at home,” Doctor Hargett said. “We make videos, we gave exercise plans, meal plans and made it super easy for them to avoid going out to the grocery stores.”

One of Doctor Hargett’s patients says following guidelines at a consistent pace works wonders.

“With some of the tips that she’s given me I’ve been able to cook healthy as well as exercising and just getting outside,” Shannon pharmacist Lauren Tischler said. “I spent a lot of time exercising around the house, just in our yard and outside of the yard.”

With COVID-19 cases rising, this new challenge could be relevant for a while. Tischler plans on continuing these routines laid out for her. 

“It keeps me motivated, it keeps me responsible and I have to just continue on with what I’m doing so I’m excited for that.” Tischler said.

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