WATCH LIVE: At least 2 dead, 10 injured after suspect crashes stolen police cruiser


(WDTN Photo/Rob Morgan)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – At least two people are dead and ten others are in the hospital after police say a suspect stole a Riverside Police cruiser and crashed into several other cars near the Dayton Metro Library.

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Dayton Police say the incident began following a stabbing at a home off of Xenia Avenue.

The stabbing suspect fled the scene, and a short time later, Riverside Police officers responded to reports of a crash on Airway Road where a single vehicle had crashed into a tree.

The driver had gotten out of the vehicle and was somewhere on foot.

At some point, the suspect at that scene got into a Riverside Police cruiser and took off, hit another police vehicle, and headed into downtown Dayton at a high rate of speed.

Five children were transported and taken to Miami Valley Hospital, police say. One of those children is in critical condition.

Five other people were taken to area hospitals. The severity of their injuries is unknown at this time.

The suspect is in custody and is being treated for his injuries.

Dayton Police have blocked off the area until the scene can be cleared.

The Dayton Fire Department, and Harrison Township EMS are on site as well.

Police did issue a call for backup shortly before the incident occurred, but it was canceled soon after.

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