Walmart Shooting Suspect A “Ticking Time Bomb”

ticking time bomb_1509733493979.JPG

Neighbors of accused Walmart gunman Scott Ostrem are describing troubling encounters with a “ticking time bomb.” Police says Ostrem shot and killed Carlos Moreno, Victor Vasquez, and Pam Marquez in the Thornton, Colorado Walmart Wednesday night.

Dennis Valenzuela, a maintenance worker at the Denver apartment complex where Ostrem lived said that well before the shooting happened, the suspect treated him differently. “Very quiet, but verbally abusive toward Hispanics,” said the 49-year-old maintenance worker. “Just real rude, he would use vulgar language with Hispanics and stuff like that.”

Valenzuela said Ostrem wouldn’t let him in his apartment for maintenance, but he would let his white boss in. “Sometimes I would tell him good morning and he would look at me and tell me F-off,” said Valenzuela.

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