(UPDATE Feburary 28th 4:30 p.m.) According to the Miracles 4 Mel Facebook page, Meleah Plummer has returned home from the hospital.

(original story) SAN ANGELO, Texas – Wall ISD student Meleah Plummer continues her battle against a brain condition known as a cavernous malformation since being diagnosed on December 25th, 2021.

According to Angela Plummer, Meleah’s mom, the day started like any other Christmas Eve. The family was finishing up shopping and wrapping Christmas presents when Meleah started to complain about a headache. After more symptoms started presenting themselves on Christmas day, the family knew they needed to take Meleah in.

“One of our sons was diagnosed with a cavernous malformation, an abnormal clusters of vessels with small bubbles filled with blood, in August of 2021, so my husband Chris and I had the symptoms in the back of our head when Meleah had told us how she was feeling,” said Plummer. “We also knew it is genetic and there was a chance that she could have one as well.”

Not too long after receiving a CT scan on Christmas Day, the neurologists at Shannon and Cooks started communicating on the best way to move Meleah to Cooks. “There was so much swelling in her brain, we were not sure if she would make it without placing a drain in to help relieve the pressure,” Plummer said. After the drain was placed, Meleah was able to be transported to Cooks hospital where she continued her battle.

“After sleeping for several days, Meleah woke up and could only say her name to anything we had asked her,” Plummer said. “That was when doctors at Cooks saw that the drain was not draining, so they needed to place a second drain.”

With battles the family faced in August with their son, the Plummer’s knew they wanted to try to set Meleah under the care of Dr. Swift at Dallas Children’s Hospital if any surgeries needed to happen. On January 7th, Meleah woke up with a fever, was incoherent, and had brain swelling in her ventricle for a second time which lead to an emergency transfer to Dallas Children’s Hospital.

Angela and Melah both pictured working summer camp at Concho Valley Gymnastics.

“Both neurosurgeons at Cooks and Dallas Children’s were shocked at how big this was. This is not common to get a cavernous malformation in this location,” Plummer said. “She was blocking all four ventricles, causing a lack of communication in her brain, so we knew we had to go through surgery to get this thing out.”

Wednesday, January 12th, Meleah underwent an 11-hour long surgery that removed most of the cavernous malformation, abnormal tissue, and a large blood clot. According to Plummer, Meleah was more alert than doctors were expecting after the surgery, but still has a long way to go.

Meleah has made a lot of progress physically since her major surgery. “She was up and walking around, with help, just 4 days after the surgery,” Plummer explained. “She is the talk of the staff, progressing like this a few days after her surgery. That is where the power of prayer has definitely come in.”

Though Meleah has made substantial progress physically, she still has a long way to go cognitively. “We will have to focus on her short-term memory,” said Plummer. “She could have troubles remembering what she did the day before which will be tough, but she is strong.”

“We could not do this without everyone that has been our army and our support,” Plummer shared. “We have been able to stay with Meleah because of everyone’s love and support. Thank you and please keep praying for our Mel.” Plummer also explained how grateful they are for the staff from Shannon, Cooks, and Dallas Children’s Hospital. “They have been so sweet and so helpful when it comes to Meleah. Thank you all so much for the support.”

Multiple fundraisers can be found around San Angelo for those looking for ways to help:

  • Bahama Bucks Eat Yellow Snow through the month of January
  • Fast Signs is creating Miracle 4 Mel signs for $10 at 720 Knickerbocker Rd.
  • Concho Valley Gymnastics is providing a Friday Night Fun, January 28th, all proceeds will go to the Plummer Family
  • Next Level Sports Three on Three Basketall benefit tournament, Feburary 12th.
  • Donations can also be made through a Mircales 4 Mel GoFundMe.