Monday the students at Wall High School honored their local veterans.

“So, since we didn’t have school on Saturday, and we had a Pep Rally on Friday with football going on, today we thought was our best day to do it,” said the president of the Wall High School Student Council, Brady Floyd.

Floyd says the annual assembly honoring those who serve means a lot to the student body.

“It really does mean a lot to us because I know a lot of students have family members that are Veterans and it really means a lot to us to let us recognize them and show our love and appreciation for them.”

A group of local veterans were recognized for their service in the high school’s gymnasium.

“Me personally, I do have a grandfather who was in the military, he’s passed away now, but I do make sure I show my love and appreciation to these amazing men and women,” says Floyd.

The Twin Mountain Tonesmen performed a number a patriotic songs throughout the assembly.

“We do have a very good turn out with veterans and a lot of people in the Twin Mountain Tonesmen are veterans too so it’s really good to see them also.”

Colonel Steven P. Van De Walle, former 17th Medical Group Commander at Goodfellow Air Force Base was the guest speaker.

“I think it’s awesome that we can continue that tradition and continue to show our support to these veterans in our community,” says Floyd.

“Thank you to all our veterans for what you do for us, we thank  you and we love you.”