BELL COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – Many counties in Central Texas saw a higher voter registration this year than the last midterm, but voter turnout varied.

The amount of people who voted in Bell County increased by about 1,000 people compared to last midterm, and the county saw a huge election day turnout.

Bell County reported a voter turnout of 39% with over 87,000 ballots cast out of over 228,000 registered voters.

The percentage compared to 2018 is lower because there were about 31,000 more registered voters this midterm.

“A huge success for us has been that we’ve registered so many voters since 2018,” Bell County PIO James Stafford said.

Stafford says election day in Bell County was the largest they’ve seen with almost 30,000 votes cast Tuesday alone. That’s more election day votes than 2018 or 2020.

“In 2020, our election day voting was just over 23,000, whereas yesterday, we almost reached 30,000,” Stafford said. “So higher turnout than even the presidential election. “The big difference is that in 2020, early voting was enormous, about 92,000. Compared to this year, we had over 57.”

He says that is a testament to how prepared the elections department was.

“I think it really shows how smooth election day went yesterday that other than our early morning difficulties, that huge turnout did not overwhelm,” Stafford said.

Yesterday Bell County experienced some technical difficulties in the morning and ended up extending voting until 8 p.m.

“That absolutely caused frustration for some voters who were trying to vote at the beginning of the day. But overall, when I look at election day, I think you have to measure it as a success to have had nearly 30,000 people cast ballots all around Bell County.”

None of these results will become official until the ballot board meets on the 15th.