Veteran, Angelo State University graduate self-publishes first novel titled “Stay Tuned”


Veteran and Angelo State University Alumnus, Liam Baker, just self-published his book called “Stay Tuned.” Baker recently graduated with his Master’s Degree and stated his appreciation for ASU’s program for veterans.

Baker’s book, “Stay Tuned,” is a fictional tale that takes place around ten years in the future. 

This is Baker’s first novel but he says he plans to write more. Baker says the book, while entertaining to read, looks as loss of identity and lack of purpose.

Frank has settled into the comfortable monotony of being a garbageman. The needs of his family are taken care of by living stipends, leaving his paycheck free to be wasted on trivial purchases. The family boxcar carries them from business to business and meal to meal. All that is required of him is to keep his head down and follow directions. But his family is begging him for The Look, new technology infused sunglasses that strap to your head and keep you connected to programming, news, and social media at all times. As it becomes increasingly dangerous to oppose progress, Frank must learn to navigate a new world of surveillance and influence, where media controls everything that is seen and said, popular opinion is fact, and mob rule is justice.

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“I think most importantly, well I’d like for readers to enjoy themselves and be entertained, but I’d also like people to examine how social media might be affecting their life. I think it tends to cut people off and isolate them a little bit more than it has in the past so I think it would be good for people to examine that,” Baker said.

To purchase the book, or read it free on Kindle Unlimited, click here.

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