U.S. Representative August Pfluger talks southern border, taxes and natural gas at San Angelo town hall


San Angelo, Texas — Congressman August Pfluger who represents the 11th district of Texas visited San Angelo Tuesday night for a town hall at the Legrande Alumni Center.

“A lot of emotions,” U.S. Representative August Pfluger said. ‘When it comes to border security there’s a lot of emotion, on the amount of money we’re spending and whether or not this country is going to be more secure and more prosperous and that’s really, you know what we’ve heard tonight.”

It was clear at the town hall that topics discussed are not only a focus of the congressman, but also of his constituents.

“So, we’re really concerned about what’s going on out there about that situation and our security,” An attendee of Rep. Pfluger’s town hall said.

U.S. Representative Pfluger and over 50 of his constituents turned out to his town hall at the Legrande Alumni Center, addressing issues surrounding higher taxes and natural gas. The status of the border is a big concern for the people in the 11th district.

“It’s impacting us with the amount of fentanyl that’s coming in and it’s impacting us with the sheriff’s offices that are having to use their resources to protect our country and our border,” Rep. Pfluger said.

A town hall is all about asking questions and informing. So, on the topic of natural gas Congressman Pfluger brought up the Liquid Natural Gas Expansion Act which is a piece of legislation he’s currently working on.

“Companies to export LNG easier without bureaucratic red tape. Oh man, it strengthens our economy, it strengthens our partnerships around the world,” Rep. Pfluger said.

Having these intimate interactions is something Representative Pfluger calls a duty of an elected official.

“My job is to listen to make sure that we are making good decisions and we are representing the 750,000 people in this district, which is why I’m doing the town hall and visiting all the different counties throughout this district in town so that I can hear a good mix of opinions,” Rep. Pfluger explained.

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