SAN ANGELO, Texas — TxDOT along with its many partners have created a miniature railroad crossing signal to be used for teaching elementary kids about how to be safe on their bikes when encountering a railroad crossing.

Jamie Harden with Safe Kids San Angelo says, “Across the nation, we see over 137,000 visits to the E.R. each year for bicycle injuries. So that’s anything from a broken arm to a fractured skull because the kids aren’t wearing helmets. So lots of injuries are occurring when kids are riding bicycles so bike rodeos are so important to go out to the schools to get in front of these kids.”

In order to make the signal come to life, TxDOT and partner Texas Pacifica Rail looked to Scott Bunney who was able to take old parts from other rail crossing signs and make the sign that will be used across the Concho Valley to teach kids about safety. They say the most important thing when coming up to a sign is to stop, look both ways and listen for oncoming trains.