SAN ANGELO, Texas (January 18)- Today you may have noticed TxDot trucks out treating the roads in San Angelo. All of this is preparation for anticipated winter weather expected for Thursday. Brine is helpful in hindering freezing or icing of roadways during the winter storms and has become an effective way of preventing accidents from icy roadways.

Brine is a very common method in treating roads and bridges that are more prone to icing during winter storms. The brine helps keep roads from icing by lowering the freezing point of water (increasing the melting point of ice). Brine has become more popular due to its ability to coat the roads effectively. Unlike rock salt that can easily bounce into ditches and crevasses in the road, brine can be coated evenly.

Brine is usually less cost-efficient and a better method to treat roads days in advance of winter storms. Brine treatments can be applied to roadways 48 hours in advance, which gives workers more time to treat safely and be better prepared ahead of the storm.