SAN ANGELO, Texas – Breanna Norman is the owner and CEO of Hands Up Interpreting and Consulting. She’s known sign language since high school and noticed in this area, there is a great need for her services.

“There’s no classes offered at the high schools, there’s no classes offered at college, there’s no community classes so it’s something that…there’s a need and I’m the one providing it,” Norman said.

So she created community classes that will begin in a few weeks. She believes all forms of communication are important and even though we may be a smaller city, there are still folks who rely on sign language to communicate.

“There are some bigger cities Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, even Amarillo where there’s a very large deaf community and there’s a lot of interpreters. San Angelo, there’s not as many interpreters there’s probably two or three but there’s still a pretty fair amount of deaf people here,” Norman said.

“Right now we’re doing two classes, a sign language class for all levels really, Gina is going to be teaching that class and she is teaching more of all levels, so she’ll start with the basics but she’s going to kind of move into other topics fairly quickly. The other class is all beginners. This is for people who don’t even know how to spell their name, you don’t even know the alphabet, all you know is that this is cool I want to learn. That’s another class we’re offering,” Norman said.

You can view a message in ASL by watching the video below:

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