SAN ANGELO, TX— In 2022, the Robert Lee Steers gained recognition with an impressive 8-2 record. However, their excellent season ended as they narrowly missed the postseason. This setback has become a driving force for the athletes.

“That’s our motto. Last year was respect because we didn’t feel very respected by the football community. Last year I feel like we did earn that, but we are still seeded third in our district,” said Steers senior running back Brayden Sherwood.

Heading into the 2023 season, the Steers will be led by second-year head coach Lee McCown, aiming to build upon the previous year.

“It’s nice being in the second year. We can pick up where we left off. We got the same coaching staff. Most of our players are back, so we’ve been able to hit the ground running,” said McCown.

Team depth will play a crucial role in the challenging district ahead, especially with five returning starters on both offense and defense.

“It’s great having multiple running backs, fullbacks, and multiple quarterbacks in case of injury or tiredness. You can go 100% throughout the entire game. That’s all a team needs. A bunch of players and a lot of talent” said Sherwood.

As the team gears up for the upcoming season, they will be united as a cohesive unit.

“I have a lot of pride in the orange and black. I am from here, and this is my second year back. This is our family. It’s nice to come out here every day with these guys and coaches and try to build on what we have,” said McCown.

On August 25th, the Steers kick off their season against the Rotan Yellowhammers.