SAN ANGELO, TX — For the second time in the last three seasons, the Falcons finished the season at 4-5. It’s been three years since Veribest has had a winning season, but are hoping 2022 will be a season of success.

“I mean they got us in last so I think we do have a young team but were not a last-place team. I know that we can go out there and I know we can play and compete with everybody in our district no matter what,” said sophomore linebacker Hunter Tucker.

The Falcons are entering a new season with second-year head coach Justin Morris who will help lead this young team for this upcoming football season.

“The sophomores and the freshman they need this from yall this week or this year I really need yall to focus on this, this, and this. He helps you succeed in that goal,” said senior offensive lineman Cadence Larson.

All five 1A Division I teams are in the same district after the UIL realignment. The new five-team district features new competition like Menard and Robert Lee. Having a young team up against new faces strengthens the meaning of leadership within this team.

“They really bought into the idea of building a program long term not just focusing on themselves which is hard sometimes to get a fourteen, fifteen, sixteen-year-old kid to do. They really bought into it so I’m proud of them for that,” said head coach Justin Morris.