Twin Buttes Summer Cleanup


SAN ANGELO, Texas– Hoping to make a clean difference in our outdoor oasis, volunteers gathered at Twin Buttes Reservoir to partake in the summer clean up.

Justin Gotcher, head sales at Redneck Ram said, “Long story short, the lake was getting really bad, nasty, and dirty . And they were actually going to shut it down, and close it to the public. So, what we did was, we took the initiative to tell them, ‘ Hey, we’ll come out here and we’ll clean up the mess and make it pretty again.”

Volunteers came out to both sides of the reservoir, from boater, ATV riders, game wardens and some residents of San Angelo. All joining together to make a little difference in our community.

“It’s a really great feeling to get a whole bunch of people together that take the same initiative and have the same out look on what thus country can be. And what it is to us as jeepers, boaters, anybody who likes the outdoors. You don’t want to go see messy places. You want to go somewhere where it’s peaceful and nice, clean and joyful.”

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