Turner responds to explosive nNew York Times story on Trump’s role in Paxton election lawsuit


Courtesy of Emily Amps:

Texas (February 1) – Today, The New York Times reported that Attorney General Ken Paxton’s failed lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the states of Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin was written by a legal team tied to Donald Trump’s campaign.

The Times also reported that the Trump campaign shopped the lawsuit to several Republican state attorneys general, but after “several of their senior staff lawyers raised red flags” they refused to take the case.

According to The Times, prior to Paxton taking on the lawsuit, the Texas Attorney General’s staff and the state’s solicitor general argued against it.

The solicitor general refused to sign the case.
In response to this report, State Rep. Chris Turner (HD 101-Grand Prairie), chair of the Texas House Democratic Caucus, released the following statement:

“Ken Paxton has stonewalled efforts to learn the extent of coordination between the Attorney
General’s office and the Trump campaign — now we know why. It turns out the Trump campaign
conceived of this crazy lawsuit and went shopping for a state attorney general who would file it. It’s
not surprising Republican attorneys general across the country rejected this seditious lawsuit out of
hand and that Paxton was the only one unprincipled enough to actually file it.
“Today’s developments only underscore the need for the Legislature to get to the bottom of this
shameful episode and hold AG Paxton accountable.”

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