WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – According to the McLennan County Republican Party, Trump’s 4th indictment may be the final straw for some Republican voters in the area.

The divide over how political leaders see the former president’s legal troubles is predictable.

However, McLennan County Republican Party Vice Chair, Christopher DeCluitt says there are some cracks in the grand old party, “it sure looks like a witch hunt in terms of everybody is throwing just the kitchen sink at it in terms of indictments. So I think it it really it plays into President Trump’s hands. But the longer play may not be good because it may fire up the opposition.”

Other Republicans are expected to stay committed to supporting the former president regardless of the indictments. In Georgia alone, he faces 13 charges including conspiracy to commit forgery.

As of today, Trump remains the front-runner in the polls. Contenders in the Republican primary include Ron Desantis and Tim Scott.

Trump came up short in the 2020 Presidential Election by a narrow loss in Georgia, with the former president alleging voting irregularities at the polls. According to the Governor of Georgia, there was no significant issues with the election.

Today, in Trump’s Georgia election case, a commencement trial date was proposed for March 4, 2024. More updates to come.