Trufant Bros. Tattoo celebrates “Friday the 13th” with 24 hours of tattoos


SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Trufant Bros. Tattoo shop in San Angelo is doing “Friday the 13th” tattoos for 24 hours.

Every Friday the 13th, the Trufant Bros. Tattoo Shop does “Friday the 13th tattoos” for 24 hours!

The artists begin tattooing at midnight and give dozens of tattoos that day.

“I’ve done about 45 tattoos today already,” said tattoo artist Garrett Potts at around 6:00pm Friday evening.

Tattoos are $20 ($13 for the tattoo plus a $7 tip). No appointment is necessary, just show up and wait for the next available tattoo artist.

Stango’s Coffee Shop next door to the Trufant Bros. Tattoo Shop will be open for 24 hours for customers waiting to be tattooed.

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