Tourism tax preventing San Angelo homeowners from extra charges


SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – According to San Angelo’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, visitors paid some 20 million dollars in sales taxes in 2020.

That’s important because some of those “tourism” tax dollars help fund a variety of arts, sports and recreational activities. Chamber of Commerce President Walt Koenig equates those dollars to a savings of sorts for local residents.

“If you look at it on a per household basis, it saves each household about $500 a year. So if we didn’t have travel and tourism as a piece of our economic picture, each homeowner would have to pay 500 extra dollars a year to make up for that tax loss,” Koenig said.

Tourism tax predominantly comes from hotel tax, but there are strict laws regarding how that revenue can be used.

Discover San Angelo’s Diann Bayes says, “Tourism tax dollars are designated taxes to promote our city. That is the whole purpose and that promotion has to meet a two-step law. One is that it brings in overnight visitors…and then there are nine other components on the second step that they must make that include sports, the arts, Convention Center and historic preservation and all of those things.”

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