Weather changes can affect a person’s mood, behavior and even mental state

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Changes in weather can affect a person's mood in a positive and negative way

Over the last few weeks we’ve gone back and forth between rainy and sunny days. If you think your mood has changed during this time — you’re not wrong. We spoke to an expert who says there is a relationship between weather conditions, a person’s mood and even mental state.

“There are a lot of people for whom it just throws them off,” said Dr. Eileen Barbella, a Psychologist at Shannon Medical Center.

Over the last few weeks the Concho Valley has been experiencing both rainy and sunny days.

According to Dr. Barbella — these changes in the weather can lead to a shift in a person’s mood, behavior and even mental state.

“People do react to the lack of sunlight. Especially during these months when you’re expecting it to be bright and sunny. We want to have a sense of control and I think especially with the storms, it can trigger some anxiety and even some panic,” explained Dr. Barbella.

Shifts in weather patterns can also trigger positive feelings. Whether they are positive or negative — Dr. Barbella says that these are caused by what a person has experienced during their childhood.

“I think for some people, they have positive images of rain. The story or thought process we have is rooted in our childhood,” added Dr. Barbella.

There are a few ways to stabilize your moods when there is a change in the weather.

“There are all sorts of things people can do to get help. Lava lamps. A lot of people use essential oils,” suggested Dr. Barbella.

Dr. Barbella also says it’s important to target the problem before it leads to a deeper sadness or even depression. According to her — the best thing to do is use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.

“If you change how you think, you’ll change how you feel. People think ‘I’m gonna try to change my feelings.’ They don’t realize that your feelings come not from the event, but the story you’re telling yourself,” continued Dr. Barbella.

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