UPDATE: EZ Pawn fire at Bryant and Knickerbocker

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Fire flared up causing SAFD to partially demolish building to suppress

SAN ANGELO, TX – After the initial San angelo Fire Department response and suppression, an undetected hot spot flared up as crews searched and secured the building.

The hot spot was a small, smoldering area in a ceiling crawl space which was not emitting smoke. When crews opened it up, oxygen allowed it to bloom into a second fire. Smoke poured from the building, making an already dangerous nighttime operation all the more hazardous. Responders worked for several hours to put out the resurgence.

Finally, after requesting city equipment to pull back a wall and the roof, fire crews were able to access the burning area with water.

EZ Pawn staff are currently awaiting clearance to enter the building to remove personal property. Once debris is cleared, fire investigators will be able to access the site and being assessing the scene for a cause to the fire.

San Angelo Assistant Fire Chief, Todd Sanford said his initial understanding was that there were no store staff inside at the time of the fire. As new information has come to light it was revealed that the passerby who called in the fire, had not contacted 9-1-1 right away but instead called the store itself to inform them that the outside of the building was on fire.

Fire crews arrived to find store staff unsuccessfully trying to suppress the fire with conventional extinguishers. While no staff were injured, two firefighters were taken to hospital, but Sanford says they have already been released.

Initial Breaking News Story:

SAN ANGELO, TX – Two San Angelo fire department firefighters are recovering from injuries fighting a pawn shop fire. More fire-fighters have returned to the location because the fire re-kindled.

San Angelo Assistant Fire Chief, Todd Sanford said a motorist first called to report smoke coming from the EZ Pawn building on South Bryant about six this Tuesday evening.

Half a dozen fire trucks and ambulances responded, along with dozens of firefighters .

Police detoured traffic around the 2000 block of South Bryant.

Firefighters made a quick attack in dangerous, very hot, conditions.

Chief Sanford says they were concerned about back draft and a potential explosion.

Sanford says no-one was inside the EZ Pawn Shop was inside when the fire started.

SAFD would have to wait for the location to cool off before anyone can go inside to start the investigation about how the fire started.

SAN ANGELO, Texas- There are reports of a structure fire at the EZ Pawn located at Knickerbocker and Bryant.

A fire crew is on the scene now dealing with the situation.

This is a developing story and we will update you with more info as it becomes available.

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