SAN ANGELO, Texas — Property owners have less than two weeks to protest their 2023 tax appraisal.

“Protest your values if you do not believe the land value or the improvement value of your tax appraisal is correct,” said Tom Green County Judge Lane Carter. “Fill out that form and go and present that to the board and argue why you believe it should be less.”

You must complete the protest form by the date in the top right-hand corner. This is 30 days from when the appraisal was sent out, not 30 days from when you received it.
Once the appraisal district assigns you a hearing date, they have 14 days to also provide you with information on how they appraised your property before the meeting.

Tom Green County resident Terry Martin says she has begun protesting after realizing the appraisal value seemed higher than usual.

“It is a 14×79 mobile home that we moved into on January 2nd of 1983, and it has just sat there. When it turned 25 years old, our insurance company dropped us because they said it had depreciated out. There’s no value to it, yet the tax office is saying they think it’s worth at least 40 or 50 thousand dollars,” said Martin.

Martin adds that this tax appraisal could be highly detrimental for seniors who are paying their bills off of one income.

“San Angelo has a lot of retired people who live here. A lot of us are over 65, and all we have is our social security to depend on,” Martin added.

That, on top of the burden of inflation, she says, starts to affect the quality of life.

“You’ve got house insurance to pay, car insurance to pay, utilities to pay, you need groceries, you’ve got medical bills to pay, you’ve got medicine that you can’t afford to buy,” said Martin.

“We have to make sure that we have all of that balanced to where everybody can afford to live,” said Judge Carter.

Judge Carter encourages the community to do all their research before their hearing so a well-informed argument can be delivered to the appraisal board.

“Request the sales comparative values that they are basing your property off of. Take pictures of your property to show exactly what condition they’re in. Cracked foundations and peeling paint off sidings, if your roof needs replacing, are good examples. This helps because when they do the appraisal a lot of the times, they don’t have the staff to do a true appraisal on the property so you are showing them what that drive-by appraisal should have been,” said Judge Carter.