“The Baddest Little Show” on the Planet

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The world's smallest wrestlers compete for a title

The Extreme Midget Wrestling Co. made its way to San Angelo this week, but there was nothing small about “The Baddest Little Show.”

It’s “The Baddest Little Show” on the planet — where the world’s smallest wrestlers compete for a title.

“It’s one of the most acrobatic, trained sports that you will ever watch,” said Syko, a wrestler.

The wrestlers who compete live on the road and travel all over the world.

“We’ve been to London, Germany, Canada. We go coast to coast. In all 50 states and international,” said Pinky Shortcake, a wrestler.

For some of them the talent and skills run in the family. 

“I was born into it. My dad was in WWF but I’ve been doing it for 6 years now,” added Pinky Shortcake.

But it takes more than just talent to get in the ring.

“You’ve gotta get over stage fright. Everybody has stage fright so you’ve gotta get over that and have probably about six months of training,” explained Syko.

Once they become pros, the rest comes easy. Everywhere they go they’re a huge hit.

“Us being littler, we get to fly a little higher. It definitely makes people turn their eye and look at us when they see us compared to regular wrestlers. We tend to catch the eye a little more than they do,” continued Syko.

They plan on continuing to put on “The Baddest Little Show” for as long as they can.

“I plan to continue for the rest of my life,” said Syko. “Yeah. ‘Til I can’t no more,” added Pinky Shortcake.

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