Strike While Hot: San Angelo job market in high demand

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San Angelo, Texas — The job market is hot right now and employers from different agencies and fields across San Angelo need workers. Workers in jobs from medical to even the San Angelo Police Department. Concho Valley Workforce Solutions has a career training opportunity July 22nd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and San Angelo Police Department is recruiting.

Those with Concho Valley Workforce Solutions compare the current job market to the real estate market right now.

“How real estate says it’s a seller’s market well this is the employee’s market really, because you have a great opportunity to get a good job right now,” Bobbie Charlton with Concho Valley Workforce Solutions said.

Whether you’re interested in trades like HVAC, CDL or Medical the ‘Dreaming of a Brighter Future’ career training opportunity aims to help, specifically those on federally funded programs.

“We understand that when you’re in those programs there’s so many barriers that our clients face and we want to help them with those barriers,” Tyra Chappa with Concho Valley Workforce Solutions said.

They want those who have been seeking out jobs to know there are opportunities to claim when pursuing a career.

“The money is out there the funds are out there, the opportunity is out there,” Chappa said. ‘So, we’re wanting to make sure you understand what is available.’

As for the San Angelo Police Department, honesty, integrity, and truthfulness are qualities they’re looking for in new recruits. Recruiting officer Sergeant Tim Coffman says the department is well staffed, but he there’s no way to tell when an officer will resign or unfortunately get hurt on the job.

“So, the more applicants we have, the happier we are,” Sergeant Tim Coffman recruiting officer with San Angelo Police Department said.

Sgt. Coffman has served in San Angelo for over 20 years and throughout his time aims to increase the force continue. When the current police chief took over SAPD could have a max of  164 officers, growth being a factor in this change.

“Chief Carter has moved that up to 180 officers over the last few years and as our population grows, there’s going to be more of a need to expand the police department,” Sgt. Coffman said.

SAPD is accepting applications now and the process starts rolling mid-august.

“The ones that pass a written exam will come back that afternoon, and do the physical agility test which consists of the rowing machine,” Sgt. Coffman said.

However, if being an officer doesn’t pique your interest, 911 dispatchers are in dire need of applicants.

“They may not be the ones responding to the scene, but they’re the ones that get that call, they’re the ones who get the assets they’re in an emergency, as quickly as possible,” Sgt. Coffman said.

At the end of the day no matter where your interests lie employers are looking and there are avenues to help.

The deadline for SAPD applications is August 12th at 5 p.m. Sergeant Tim Coffman says the road to the academy is not a short one. Once applications are turned in there is a written exam, if passed, applicants head to the physical exam. There are also background checks and polygraph exams that must be conducted before recruits can take on the academy.

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