San Angelo’s latest unemployment report shows slight decrease, but officials remain optimistic on the economy

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — ‘Now hiring’ signs are seen all over the city, showing a clear indication of employers that all share a common struggle of overcoming government supplements, that are keeping workers from returning to the job.

“It could be that the unemployment benefits are higher than they have been for because we have the regular unemployment benefits, plus the pandemic unemployment benefits,” says Leslie North- Gould who serves as the executive director for the Concho Valley Workforce Solutions development board.

As San Angelo looks ahead to come back from obstacles, stemming from COVID-19, local business owners are grappling, to make a full recovery post pandemic.

“Today we have jobs posted and people just not applying,” says John Young, owner of a local restaurant.

Leslie’s task is to find work for job seekers and also employers who are in need of workers on a daily basis. “Writing job search, interviewing skills. Also for those that qualify, we can even help pay for childcare expenses, while those individuals are working. And then for employers, we can post available job openings or even partner with them to find a training pathway for newer existing employees that they have.”

The most recent local unemployment report shows a four percent decrease from summer 2020 at ten percent when the pandemic, hit its peak. And while the numbers are improving. The goal is to get it to three percent where it stood before the COVID-19 crisis hit.

“Between people looking and finding jobs, and those jobs being filled. I think we’re seeing that happen and I think that we will see that dramatically improve,” says President and CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, Walt Koenig , who is optimistic about what the new numbers are showing despite a hiring influx, he believes San Angelo is headed in the right direction.

“I know that the state of Texas is pulling back some of the unemployment benefits, starting June 1st I believe it’s June 1 or mid June, and I think that’ll have a stimulating effect in terms of incentivizing people to find jobs again as well,” Koenig said.

There are many available resources for those who need help finding a job and employers that need workers, you can visit their website, for an array of materials to help.

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