San Angelo restaurant reopens for the first time in over a year

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The official opening date is Tuesday, December 8th

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Wednesday, the Peasant Village restaurant announced its reopening over a year from being out of business due to a fatal car crash. Before the wreck, Peasant Village chef and owner Jason Helfer said the restaurant was known for typical fine dining. This time, he says it’s a new feel.

“I’m excited,” Helfer said. “With all the new remodels, all of the new ideas on the menu, the new concept, the new energy and the vibe. I’m beyond excited for the way that we’re going to be doing the cocktails and the food and everything.”

The car crash, which hit the building but caused no structural damage, led to Peasant Village closing. It took several months for insurance and inspections to finish, and then the coronavirus pandemic hit. Remodeling began in September.

“It’s all about being patient and understanding and having a vision come together,” Helfer stated. “When the vision is there and it comes together, it’s mind blowing. I mean it’ll bring a tear to your eye and it’s not the same as it was as before it was completely redesigned and reconfigured.”

The restaurant’s hours will start out at 11am – 2pm and 6-9pm for Tuesday-Saturday. Reservations are encouraged but not required.

“I’m ready to open up and serve San Angelo with open arms and embrace every moment that I can,” Helfer expressed. “So basically I’m just excited to be in San Angelo, and to be excited to reopen Peasant Village. It’s been a year. It’s been a struggle for everyone, but let’s see if we can get you in here and put that smile back on your face.”

The official opening date is Tuesday, December 8th.

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