San Angelo Police Department increasing patrols after recent crime spike

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San Angelo, Texas — San Angelo Police Department is increasing patrols to make their presence known across the city of San Angelo, hoping that presence will make them more available for crimes and to let the citizens know they are around.

Crime has been on an incline with recent shootings taking place just hours after each other. Continually, so far in the past seven months, there have been 4 murders which is half of the entire year of 2020. This increase is a rare for the city.

“It’s very rare that we have this many incidents occur like that is very hard to determine when and where these violent crimes, such as those are going to occur so we just tried to make our presence known,” Officer Tina Burks the Public Information Officer with San Angelo Police Department said.

This increase in crime is unusual, but Officer Tina Burks the Public Information Officer with San Angelo Police Department says the hotter months is when we typically see a rise.

“Definitely increases during the summer months, we do see a higher amount of aggravated assaults,” Officer Burks said.

So to combat this, officers will be out making their presence known with more patrols and the San Angelo Police Department’s intel division creates statistics on where a lot of the crime is centered

“We have a wonderful Intel division that sets up the stats for us so we know exactly where crime has occurred that way we know to really step up patrol in those areas,” Officer Burks said.

While more patrolling is on the docket SAPD is patrolling with the same number of officers they have on hand.

“Whenever officers are taking calls or writing reports, we’re always encouraging officers to do extra patrols,” Officer Burks said.

This will be the case until they can get more recruits.

“It’s a normal amount of officers unfortunately until we get more officers on the streets, that’s why we’re encouraging people please apply if you’re interested and that way we can make a bigger presence out there,” Officer Burks said

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