San Angelo organization motivates Grape Creek students through Hip-Hop

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Celebrating All Persevering Students or C.A.P.S has visited over 100 schools across the globe and today they were at one Concho Valley school, for the first time.

Grape Creek Elementary is the first school that CJ Luckey and his organization C.A.P.S has visited in the Concho Valley. They’re mission is inspiring and celebrating students and teachers.

“I think it’s very important that our students know, to never give up their students know that they can persevere, their students know that obstacles don’t come our way to stop us obstacles come our way to strengthen us,” Rapper CJ Luckey and motivational speaker with C.A.P.S said.

Overcoming obstacles was the theme in CJ Luckey’s performance at Grape Creek Elementary. Reiterating to the students, through hip hop songs, that they can do anything when they believe in themselves.

“Even though these concepts are powerful we want our students to know that they can persevere, they can overcome any obstacles, that they can dream big, and that they can go on to do great things,” Luckey said.

This message is one that CJ Luckey and his non-profit Celebrating All Persevering Students has brought to students across the world and Grape Creek Elementary Intermediate Principal Katherine Pearce wanted her students to experience it firsthand.

“Growth mindset is our big goal of progress, not perfection,” Pearce said. ‘We don’t want to focus on all passing, all making A’s, it’s just being better every time we do something,’

The celebration didn’t stop with students, a portion of the performance was dedicated to educators.

“They’re valued they are appreciated want them to know they’re seen because they work so hard on behalf of our students”

With very few dry eyes, many teachers expressed how they felt seen.

“I mean we’re up here early, we’re up here late my own kids are sitting in my office to have six some nights,” Pearce explained

Pearce and CJ Luckey described the celebration as a total success.

“the kids are going to be able to go back to their rooms and have not just the power of yet saying they’re going to have the dream big, they never give up. So, I think it’s really successful.” Pearce said.

Reflecting on his performance (or how Luckey calls it, celebration) Luckey is filled with happiness that after three years, C.A.P.S finally celebrated for the first time at a school located in the organizations back yard.

“It’s a blessing to travel around the country, it really is we absolutely love it, but it’s nothing like having your message resonate into the hearts of students and educators.” Luckey said.

If you want CJ Luckey and ‘Celebrating All Persevering Students’ to visit your school just visit to get the ball rolling.

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