San Angelo ISD supports literacy initiative with an annual day of giving

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San Angelo, Texas (May 3) – Since December 2020, San Angelo Independent School District (SAISD) has launched a community-wide literacy initiative called San Angelo Reads! The purpose is to promote and encourage reading and future learning. Learning attributes include becoming a communicator, collaborator, critical thinker, and creator. With these skill sets students can further their reading and literacy efficiency.

Over the last four months, SAISD has celebrated this literacy initiative with nominated reading days during each month on campuses. Activities involve reading out loud, highlighting community members such as Ty Harris and Brenda Gunter (San Angelo’s mayor). The ultimate goal is to provide books to young readers early.

SAISD has given over two thousand students in first- and third-grade books to help further their education. On May 5, 2021, SAISD plans to expand the program to give books to second graders as well. There are future plans in place to provide books for kindergarten, fourth, and fifth graders this year. SAISD also received help from other community partners such as the San Angelo Area Foundation, HEB, The United Way of Concho Valley, ATMOS Energy, Diego’s Burritos, Lone Star Beef, and others (who wish to remain anonymous). The generosity of our community has provided the opportunity to extend more skills outside of the classroom to students in order to help build literacy skills. So far, San Angelo Reads! has operated on donated items and funds with the support of San Angelo’s community.

“This is only the beginning! San Angelo ISD still needs full support from the community of San Angelo. This will help ensure that our students become better readers and strive for success outside of the classroom.”

SAISD representative

Below are a few ways that San Angelo Gives funds San Angelo READS! to help fulfil its purpose, according to a press release from the organization:

“● Over the summer months, San Angelo READS! will be providing deserving students with books through our Summer Book Patrol. The Summer Book Patrol will gather a variety of books based on the students reading levels within the household to encourage reading while away from the classroom. These books will be delivered directly to the students’ household with additional educational resources for the
parents and students.

“● San Angelo READS! will also continue to provide books during the school year to each of our elementary students by grade level. It is our hope that with community partner donations and funds collected in San Angelo Gives, we can expand our book distribution to our secondary students as well.”

With the help of the community, San Angelo Reads! says it can create a strong reading culture among children of all ages. As a result, the support gained from the community helps ensure vital literacy skills to enhance the children’s future.

San Angelo Reads! says it is driven by statistics that show how important it is to provide literacy and reading skills to students at an early age. “Statistics show that children who do not read on grade level by the end of third grade will only have a 1-in-8 chance of catching up to other students reading within their grade level. In addition, students who lack these skills are 4 times as likely to drop out of school,” says the release.

“San Angelo Reads! would like to thank the community of San Angelo for all its support. You can share how you support San Angelo Reads! for San Angelo Gives by changing your profile picture to include our new Facebook frame or sharing a personal message using the hashtag, #SAISDReads.
“There are many non-profits that support our community and we would like to give them a thank you as well. Overall, San Angelo Reads! appreciates all the support and donations given to help continue this great cause. Happy Giving San Angelo!”

San Angelo Reads!

Source: San Angelo Independent School District

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