San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council to host annual gourmet dinner this weekend

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This event will be to-go this year due to coronavirus concerns

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council is hosting its annual gourmet dinner this Saturday. For years the organization has sought some of the best chefs to town including Texas natives from time to time. This year’s event features award-winning chefs Jason and Aenith McCollum, who are graduates of the Culinary Institute of America. Jason is originally from San Angelo.

“It’s pretty cool,” Jason said. “I’ve never gotten the chance to come back and share my talents and passions with my hometown. I did get my start here in some kitchens, but once I went off to culinary school, I never really made it back to do any cooking. It’s pretty cool to have this kind of homecoming and share what I’ve been doing with everyone.”

This event will be to-go this year due to coronavirus concerns. It usually takes place at the Cactus Hotel ballroom but luckily, these chefs are prepared for any adjustments. The food will be delivered to the guests who purchased tickets.

“We’re used to that,” Aenith stated. “We’re in the corner world and we have to prepare a lot of food which takes three to four days to prepare. It’s not really a big deal for us. We just like to make great foods.”

Saturday night’s event will split into three courses, including a gourmet starter spread during the beginning followed by dessert at the end. Some dishes include roasted squash salad, assorted macrons and many others.

“I’m really excited about the charcuterie board that we’re going to be able to put up and be able to source some really cool shark moving products from Salumeria in Austin, Texas as well as some various local cheeses that are also made in Texas,” Jason expressed. “I brought some really nice country ham for everybody to put in their spread so I’m excited about that.”

For more information, visit the San Angelo Arts website.

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