Sagecrest resident celebrates 100th birthday

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Still plays the piano for Sagecrest worship service

SAN ANGELO, TX – In San Angelo at the Sagecrest Alzheimer’s Care Center, one resident recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Evelyn Howell, who still plays the piano at the centers sunday worship services has been witness to a lot of history from the Great Depression to World War II and beyond.

When speaking about the Great Depression, Howell talked about how self reliance saw them through. “Well it was rough times,” said Howell in an interview with KLST and KSAN News. “Now I can tell you something about the Great Depression, we lived fine because we lived on a farm and raised most of our own food. I probably ate better then than I’ve ever eaten any time in my life.”

Howell also spoke about the value of family, her love for her husband and children, and the indispensability of always trying to do the right thing. Howell has been a part of the San Angelo community for over thirty years now and has been playing the piano since she was six years old.

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