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Presents several economic and environmental benefits

SAN ANGELO, TX – As the 2019-2020 hunting season winds down across West Texas, some outfitters are saying this season was at a more than ten year high. With economic and environmental benefits. Guides with San Angelo’s Wildlife Systems have hosted hunting outings for more than 30 years in the Concho Valley and say this season was one of the most productive they’ve ever had in terms of number of hunters and deer.

“You know for us personally we’ve been in the hunting business for 33 years,” explained Greg Simons of Wildlife Systems. “Up until this year our high watermark as far as gross sales was in 2008. [Then] in 2009 our economy here in Texas temporarily softened. I was uncertain whether or not our company would ever reach that level again but we actually blew past that this is last year.”

Hunting across the Concho Valley provides a substantial economic boost, from hotel rooms to restaurants, and fuel and feed sales. Outfitters say hunters also help manage deer populations.

“The benefits that these hunters provide is multipurpose,” elaborated Simons. “You know from the whitetail deer standpoint, the ability to help manage deer populations to have healthy levels of fair and balanced habitat is very important. But also, some of the other practices that take place on those landscapes and the consequences of hunters being there, whether it be supplemental feeding or water development. Other types of habitat improvements.”

For more information visit Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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