Protest march held in downtown San Angelo

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Locals displeased with coronavirus restrictions

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Fourth of July this year saw a protest unfold in in San Angelo amid frustration over covid closures and restrictions. March organizers say they wanted to show local leadership how they felt about perceived government overstepping and alleged fear mongering.

As reaching out to national and even state level politicians is challenging right now, residents made their voices heard here in the local community. “That’s one reason why we’re here is we know we need to start over,” said march organizer Caleb Wallace. “This boulder is big, it’s, it’s a big feat to accomplish. I can’t do it alone, and I know there’s people out there that that believe the same as I do.”

Protesters began at the county courthouse before walking to city hall. Some participants were seen wearing masks, though many not appeared to be observing physical distancing.

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