SAN ANGELO, TEXAS — The PaulAnn neighborhood in San Angelo has been downgraded from a “so not drink” notice to a “boil water” notice, according to a statement issued by the City of San Angelo this afternoon, Friday, February 19, 2020.

Map of San Angelo, Texas with current water restrictions

“The decision was made after post-hydrant flush test samples showed no traces of any chemicals or contaminate present,” read the statement. The industrial area will remain under a do-not-use notice at this time but the City continues to work diligently to get the restrictions reduced.

“Residents of PaulAnn can now begin using their water under the guidelines of the current citywide boil water notice. Any water that is to be consumed must be boiled first. For more information, visit

The city is still asking residents to adhere to water conservation practices as multiple municipal tanks are refilled.

“Please only use water for life sustaining uses like flushing the toilet or using water to drink or cook after first boiling it. 

For more information on the PaulAnn water contamination visit