Park in Bronte getting some needed care

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Picnic spot and little library box

SAN ANGELO, TX – A small city park in Bronte is undergoing a renovation in the hopes of encouraging more outdoor time, and reading. The park at the corner of W. Main and W. Washington in Bronte has been in place since about 1970.

Not only is it equipped with a picnic table and shade, but a little library box as well, where the public can take and leave books as they please. Those renovating the park say they were spurred into action after holding a nearby farmers market.

“The community has been gathering at this picnic table, where I had to put cloth down because we were getting splinters,” explained Tina Smith, a Bronte resident who along with her friend and fellow resident Denise Gallaway, is working to rehab the park. “So we decided we wanted to paint the table and kind of clean up the community and this was our way of volunteering where we could do something.”

After rehabbing the library box and repainting the picnic table, those involved with the renovation say next up is a cleaning of and new motor for the park fountain.

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