New Texas law bans minors from buying cough medicines

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Minors will no longer be able to buy certain cough suppressants

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Among all of the new Texas laws taking effect on September 1st, one deals with popular cough medicines.

Minors will no longer be able to buy products containing Dextromethorphan. It’s a cough suppressant found in over 100 over-the-counter cough medicines, like NyQuil and Robitussin. In large quantities, it can cause hallucinations — a sought-after side effect by some children, which led to the creation of the law.

“It’s an opioid. It’s related to things like hydrocodone and codeine, it just doesn’t have the pain relief properties. It’s still in that family, so in high doses it can overcome some of the weaknesses and they can get hallucinatory highs and things like that. That’s what they’re going for,” said Jonathan Wagner, Pharmacist in Charge at Myers Drug in San Angelo.

Wagner said that although minors will no longer be able to purchase these, parents should be vigilant, as they could still have access to them at home. If you believe that a child or anyone else has had large quantities of Dextromethorphan, get emergency help.

Texas joins 18 other states that have passed similar laws restricting access to the cough suppressant.

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