Lost your job? Concho Valley Workforce Solutions is here to help.

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San Angelo, TX — With so many jobs being lost as a result of the nationwide response to Covid-19, many people will be looking for work and many will look for help to file unemployment claims. Concho Valley Workforce Solutions is one of the main local resources for those who need that help.

For those looking to file an unemployment claim, Leslie North-Gould, Executive Director of the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board suggests visiting the Texas Workforce Commission website first.

“We don’t handle unemployement locally here at the office. It is handled directly by the Texas Workforce Commission, so you either apply by phone or online. However the phone lines are pretty overwhelmed right now, so the best course of action right now is to apply online.

So, you can go to www.texasworkforce.org and apply for the unemployment benefits on that website.”

After governor Abbott’s recent executive order limiting gatherings to groups of ten people or less, people without internet access or computers may wonder if Texas Workforce Solutions is open for in-person help. Matt Eubanks, Project Director for Workforce Solutions of the Concho Valley says the offices at 202 Henry O’Flipper Avenue are open and the staff is taking extra precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We are open. We’ll continue to be open. We are going to kind-of triage at the front door and just make sure that they’re okay, they’re not in any kind of situation where they become higher-risk. And, of course, that’s for my staff’s safety and their’s.

We know that some people don’t have computers, don’t have some of the tools that they need so we’ll, by all means, help them. Our first course of action is going to be to assess if we can help them over the phone and we will set them up with an appointment and have them call one of our staff so that we can help them over the phone and walk them through any process they may have a problem with.”

Concho Valley Workforce Solutions also offers help for small businesses facing difficult decisions.

“There’s a shared work program where we can help businesses that have to reduce hours by 10% to 40%. Unemployment can kind of help make up for those lost wages without the employer laying off any workers. We can assist them also with rapid response,” said North-Gould, “If employers do have to lay people off, then we can offer the on-site rapid response services, so it kind-of eases the transition into the employee’s next job. If employers are interested in that they can contact Randy Lecompte at 703-2452.”

North-Gould also pointed to a resource for small businesses that was jointly created by the City of San Angelo, Angelo State University Small Business Development Center, the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, the Concho Valley Workforce Development Board, and Tom Green County.

“On the Chamber’s website, sanangelo.org, they have a business resource hub specifically for the covid-19 response, so there’s a lot of information for small businesses that can be found on there as well.”

“It’s our community,” added Eubanks, “It’s our families. It’s our friends. We are very passionate about caring for our customers.”

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