Labor shortages affecting San Angelo’s restaurant industry

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SAN ANGELO, Texas —Businesses around the U.S. are feeling the effects of worker shortages, especially in the restaurant industry.

“We would never have this problem staffing. But today we have jobs posted and people just not applying,” says John Young, the owner of Concho Pearl Icehouse, who is having difficulties getting people to work at his restaurant, which depicts a nationwide issue creating direct effects, right here in the Concho Valley.

“We were operating with two less servers than we needed, and that affected our customers, and they’re just not going to be forgiving for long,” said Young, who believes this issue stems from the federal government, offering incentives that are leading people to collect unemployment and not find work.

He goes on to say “It pays people to stay home and watch TV, so they are not coming back to work, it’s easier for them to stay at home and draw the supplements that the government is offering than it is for them to come to work, it’s absolutely killing the service industry.”

And while Young is firmly convinced the unemployment checks are the culprit. He understands why people choose to receive governmental supplements, and decide to not return back to work.

“If you’re a young mother and you have children at home and you don’t have to pay for daycare. That’s a find for you. And I can understand why we’re getting the unemployment checks and along with the stimulus that goes with them, would be encouraging,” the restaurant owner said.

A growing issue hurting the service industry, specifically small business owners are optimistic that once those benefits are taken and for Texas, that means this summer. This problem could dissolve quickly.

“It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, if the government doesn’t stop the incentives to keep people staying at home.”

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