Keenan Clark returns from mission trip to Jamaica

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Provided meals and mentorship to rural communities

SAN ANGELO, TX – Local pastor and social media influencer Keenan Clark just returned from a recent mission trip to Jamaica.

“When we got to Montego Bay we had partnered with a local ministry there called Praying Pelican and they in turn had paired us up with a church called Jacobs Well Church,” explained Clark. “So we did a lot with them. We handed out food baskets to the locals there in a small outskirt town called Salt Marsh and that was incredible.”​

The highlight of the trip was a speaking engagement attended by nearly 400 people. Clark says this most recent trip differs from his travels to Israel, Dubai and Uganda in that this time he got to travel with his family and close friends.

Never slowing down, Clark announced he also has plans for another trip in November. “So in November me and my younger brother, I’ve asked him to come with me, we’re flying to India where we are work over there,” said Clark. “We’re going to be preaching at different conferences and camps and even teaching at a bible school while we’re there. So, that’s what’s up next on the docket.”​

A lot of global mileage for someone whose first international journey was only about one year ago. For more on Keenan and the Clark family visit the Celebration Church website.

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