It’s National Tradesmen Day!

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A day to honor the men and women whose skills build America

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Today is National Tradesmen Day!

National Tradesmen Day is a day to honor the men and women whose skills and hard work build America and keep it running strong.

Many skilled trades like welding and plumbing are performed by workers who are a part of an aging population. With there being an emphasis on attending college after graduating high school, less and less people are going into the trades professions.

However, these skilled workers are a vital component of our community and a big reason Howard College’s West Texas Training Center offers several trade programs, like HVAC and construction.

“These are really great, high-paying jobs. You can’t outsource them overseas. If you’re really good in those areas, you can make as much or more money than some of the degrees you would get in a 4-year university,” said Jamie Rainey, Workforce and Community Development Officer at Howard College.

For more information on the trade programs Howard College offers, click here.

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