Fourth-generation San Angeloan, USMC Veteran, brings boot business to San Angelo

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Sarah Ford is a fourth-generation San Angeloan. She’s the founder and CEO of Ranch Road Boots, a company that is deeply rooted in West Texas traditions and heritage.

However, there is one incredibly unique feature when it comes to how Ranch Road Boots are made. Each pair is handcrafted in Spain by a family-owned company that has been making boots for decades.

“It takes over 250 steps and approximately 48 hours from start to finish to create a pair of our boots,” the Behind The Making tab on Ranch Road Boots’ website states.

“We have a mix of military, street style, and western in our collection,” Ford said.

Ford, who started the business in 2012, says even though they are mainly influenced by the Great American West, she wanted the boots and styles to appeal to a large audience. She also wanted products that are made of materials that are second to none.

“We also like to incorporate a pretty global view of footwear,” Ford said.

When it comes to Ford’s family and roots in West Texas, she says growing up in San Angelo taught her many life skills such as determination and to work hard to achieve your goals.

After graduating high school, Ford earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Texas in Austin.

“I’ve always loved entrepreneurship,” Ford said.

However, upon entering the workforce after graduation, Ford said she felt the call to serve her country. Especially after visiting the D-Day beaches.

She considered a variety of service options from the Peace Corps to teaching but she eventually decided to enlist in the Marine Corps. A branch of the military she was already familiar with.

“I grew up in a family full of Marines. Two uncles and my father were all in the Marine Corps, and two cousins served in the Marines as well,” Ford said.

Ford enlisted in the summer of 2001, getting her commission in August. Ford did logistics and after the attacks on September 11th, did two deployments in Iraq. When she got out of the Marine Corps, Ford attended business school at Harvard where she pursued a Master’s Degree. However, she was recalled to the Marines and did one more tour in Afghanistan.

Ford was the first female in the history of the USMC to be awarded the Colonel Kriendler Award for Leadership Excellence at Officer Candidate School and the Marine Corps Military Skills Award.

Her husband recently retired after serving 25 years in the Marine Corps.

With all of Ford’s history with service to the United States, it’s no surprise she brought the spirit of giving back to her business.

After her husband’s retirement, she said they were trying to figure out where to live. Ranch Road Boots is primarily ecommerce so the options on where to settle down were endless.

However, Ford said it just made sense to come back to San Angelo. Having a showroom for the footwear was the next step which has lead to more and more foot traffic to the city.

Shoppers can also find artwork available for purchase at the Ranch Road Boots storefront. This artwork is created by a local artist who also focuses on West Texas themes.

To learn more about Ranch Road Boots or to schedule a fitting, click here.

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